Calling all tourism and retail service management executives, tourism and retail service promotion organizations, brand building and marketing agencies, tourism and retail management researchers, educators,  trainers, CVBs, and postgraduate scholars...

The Conference theme is “New Challenges and Opportunities in Tourism and Retail Services.” In 2019, we are facing decelerating economic growth globally, which brings both serious challenges and tremendous opportunities for tourism and retail industries. The emerging issues and changes call for more discussions and serious investigation.

  • Innovation & development in tourism and retail management, operations & delivery;

  • Emerging issues in tourism and retail management;

  • Co-creation & enhancement of the retail service experience;

  • Revenue management, economics & strategic pricing of retail services in a tourism setting;

  • Marketing, brand building & delivery of tourism related retail services;

  • Human resource management & labor economic issues;

  • Education & training in retail and tourism;

  • Use of technology, social media & communication innovations;

  • Governance, stakeholder & community issues;

  • Corporate social responsibilities of tourism retail service organizations;

  • Entrepreneurship in tourism retail marketing;

  • Leadership issues & ethics of tourism retail organizations;

  • Growth, franchising & expansion challenges;

  • Service quality, customer satisfaction in tourism retail organizations;

  • Non-conventional tourism;

  • Other issues related to tourism and retail management.


Types of Papers

Submissions of original, unpublished empirical or conceptual papers are welcome. Contributors may submit either extended abstracts or full papers for review (double-blind process). Instructions and templates are available shortly on the website. Full papers should not exceed 5,000 words including references, tables and figures. Nominees for best papers will be selected from papers included in the proceedings.

Submissions in English or Chinese are welcome.

Submission mailbox:

Once accepted for inclusion in the proceedings, at least one author of the paper must register and present. Each registered delegate will be allowed a maximum of two authorships or co-authorships. For further assistance or queries, please contact Dr. Hongbo Cheng, Conference Secretariat, at (for consultation only, not for submission


Paper Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your paper:

  • Provide the full title of the paper as it will appear in the conference program

  • Include a list of authors, first name, surname and institutional affiliation

  • All papers should include:

    • An abstract of approximately 150 words

    • A list of 4-6 key words

    • An introduction that provides an overview of the paper and the significance of the research

    • A literature review that provides the background and outlines the context and/or academic literature that informs the research

    • A section that outlines research approach and method (for empirical research)

    • A description and application of the research findings (for full papers)

    • A conclusion that provides a summation of the paper and its contribution to the themes of this conference

    • Writing style should follow APA (6th edition)

  • Please adhere to the format in the template of the Title Page and the template of the Paper provided 




Publishing Opportunities


Tourism Review, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Journal of Service Marketing, Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Tourism Tribune, and Journal of Vacation Marketing support the conference. Selected papers will be invited for publication subjected to blinded review process in the above journals.

Reviewer List  (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Sandeep Basnyat, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Prof. Ye Chen, Nankai University, China

Prof. Leonardo Dioko, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Dr. Karen Edwards, University of South Carolina

Dr. Jenny Guan, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Prof. Rich Harrell, University of South Carolina, US

A.P. Jing Huang, Nankai University, China

A.P. Yan Jiao, Nankai University, China

Dr. Kathy Kim, University of South Carolina, US

Dr. Phil Klaus, University of Monaco, INSEEC Research Center, Monaco

Dr. Marketa Kubickova, University of South Carolina, US

Ms. Catherine Li, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Dr. Chunxiao Li, Nankai University, China

Prof. Hui Li, Nankai University, China

Dr. Xiangping Li, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

A.P. Xiaoyi Li, Nankai University, China

Dr. Sai Liang, Nankai University, China

Prof. Drew Martin, University of South Carolina, US

Dr. Fang Meng, University of South Carolina, US

A.P. Fanqiang Meng, Nankai University, China

Dr. Henrique Ngan, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Dean Haemoon Oh, University of South Carolina, US

A.P. Wei Qiu, Nankai University, China

Dr. Eve Ren, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Prof. Rodoula Tsiotsou. University of Macedonia, Greece

Dr. Tali Seger-Guttmann, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

Dr. Kevin So, University of South Carolina, US

Dr. Sven Tuzovic, Queensland University of Technology

Dr. Hongyu Wang, Nankai University, China

A.P. Jingna Wang, Nankai University, China

A.P. Qingjuan Wang, Nankai University, China

Dr. Ipkin Anthony Wong, Sun Yat-Sen University

Dr. Fiona Yang, Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Dr. Rouran Zhang, Nankai University, China




5 July 2019
Abstract submission deadline

5 August 2019
Acceptance notice

20 August 2019
Early bird registration deadline

15 September 2019
Full paper submission deadline

27 September 2019*
Final registration deadline

27 October 2019
Conference begins

* For inclusion in proceedings, authors and contributors MUST submit complete manuscript AND register by the registration deadline, 27 September 2019.